K9 Detectives, LLC is the only private Drug Dog Detection Service in the Boise Metro Area. There is a definite need in the region and we have the expertise and ability to provide this service to residential clients, businesses and schools. We can offer one-time searches or establish agreements to perform periodic random searches, depending upon our client’s needs.

Our purpose is to help identify the location of hidden drugs so the responsible party can be confronted. We will not contact law enforcement. The results of our search are completely confidential. We maintain a history of our searches to help clients determine places drugs are typically hidden and patterns of occurrence.

Our Handlers

Thomas Schoder and Johanna Kratt, our two lead dog handlers each have over 30-years experience training and working with dogs. This experience includes working with local police departments assisting with drug detection dog training.

Our Company Core Values

We are committed to the pursuit of keeping homes, schools, and work places drug free. Our mission is to ultimately help individuals steer clear of drug dependency, addiction, and self-destruction. The first step is discovering and uncovering the problem.