Typical searches for commercial facilities include offices, lunchrooms, storage areas, warehouse space, shipping areas, bathrooms, or any other space that may be unique to the business. Often, these are large areas that will require several dogs, working in alternate patterns. It is suggested that a member of the management accompany each handler and dog during the search. When contraband is detected, the handler marks the location and can test the substance, then leave the drugs and test results with the manager. The K9 Detective Service will not notify law enforcement.

Our searches are designed to minimize any effect on the business operation.

In most cases, the results of our work will be most effective if a random drug search is performed during working hours when the employees can see us performing the search. Not knowing when a search may occur, anyone with drugs will be discouraged from bringing them onto the premises. Our searches can be performed for multiple work shifts.

The Benefits of Random Business Drug Searches

A clean, drug free environment has been found to increase morale, reduce accidents (fewer worker’s compensation claims), increased employment stability, and reduce employee theft. This improved attitude will be carried over to customer relations as well.

Employees suffering from substance abuse can create an unnecessary financial burden on the business. These workers typically have issues with work performance, lateness, high rate of absenteeism, difficulty holding a job, accident proneness, and higher likelihood of worker’s compensation claims. Discovering these individuals will benefit your bottom line.

How to Begin

  1. Set up a meeting to determine the most effective way to serve your needs.
  2. Schedule a K9 Detective Drug Dog Search to establish the presence of contraband within the business.
  3. Provide a Demonstration for employees and staff showing the effectiveness of a dog search.

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