Where is it legal to use a dog drug search?

Virtually any place we are contracted to search, proving the person hiring the K9 Detective has authority to authorize the search. That includes homes, schools, businesses, event facilities, cars, boats, and airplanes.

What are your dogs able to detect?

The most common street drugs, including Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, LSD and many popular prescription drugs that are derivatives of these common drugs.

How do you keep the search findings confidential?

We are contracted to search by the homeowner, business manager, school administrator or other person in charge. The results of our drug search are strictly for their use only. We have no affiliation with law enforcement or any government organization.

What happens if you find drugs during your search?

When our dogs indicate a drug find, we mark the location. We will show you what and where the find was indicated. If the substance is not easily identified, our handlers have drug test kits to help identify the nature of the drug.

What frequency should I have my home searched?

If we perform a search and no drugs were found, maybe another search is not in order unless there is some suspicious activity. However, if drugs were found on the first search, an occasional random follow-up search would be suggested. Hopefully after detection, the responsible person may realize home is not the place to keep his/her drugs.

What is a typical fee for a home drug search?

The fee is based on number of rooms and your geographic location. The search fee can range from $150 for a single room up to $350 for a complete 2,500 square foot home. There may be a fee for travel time if you are in a remote location.

Call for a quote to get an accurate cost. Fees are subject to change.

Do your cars advertise your service?

Typically we use cars that have no signage or markings to indicate who we are so we will go undetected. However, if the client requests that we make our presence known, we will use a vehicle that advertises our services.

When do you get paid for your service?

We start each drug search with a written agreement outlining the service and fees. At that signing we ask for payment up front unless we have a contract with a school or business.