Should We Use A Drug Detection Dog?

Parents are concerned their children are using drugs and worry that they may even have some hidden in their home. Confrontations are of little value; it’s not likely your child will admit to using or hiding drugs.

New studies even suggest marijuana can be more harmful to a teens brain than alcohol.

While you can search the obvious places there are countless locations a small amount of contraband can be hidden. The very simple solution is to use a K9 Detective Drug Dog, which will search for the unmistakable odor of various common street drugs. If present, they can be located within minutes. Once a substance is found, the handler can inspect and analyze to determine its nature.

Drug use is prevalent amongst teenagers, disrupting their homes and families. It’s frustrating for parents and difficult to prove. Our well-trained K9 Detective Drug Dogs are a fast, inexpensive way to identify the problem. A quick search will answer the question and either bring the issue to the surface or help bring peace of mind. If drugs are discovered, an accompanying parent will be informed. An effort will be made to determine the nature of the drug. From that point, it’s the parent’s responsibility to dispose of the drugs and deal with the problem. We do not notify law enforcement.

Subsequent drug searches can be performed if there’s an on-going concern. In any case our highly trained dogs can get to the truth of the matter.

How to Begin

  1. Set up a phone appointment to discuss nature of search, number of rooms, schedule time and place. Agree on fee for service.
  2. Meet at home, client to review and sign agreement, confirm service to be performed, prepay for service.
  3. Handler, dog, and one parent will conduct the search. Only one parent is permitted to accompany the search to avoid distraction. The suspected drug user should not be present to prevent family conflicts and unnecessary disruption of the drug search.

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