Schools are encouraged to use our Random K9 Drug Dog Detection Services. The program is a major deterrent to anyone considering bringing drugs onto school property for any reason. It is important students know the school can be searched at any time without notice. Searched areas include unoccupied classrooms, lockers, meeting areas, cafeterias, dorms, parking lots, and surrounding areas. If permitted, our dogs can “sniff” backpacks and student’s personal property.

The Importance of Keeping Drugs Out of Schools

New studies suggest marijuana can be more harmful to a teens brain than alcohol. This has made drug detection services in schools even more important.

Our service is an extension of good school based drug education. While the students are being taught the negative aspects of drugs, our drug detection services further emphasize the risk component associated with possession. Students attending classes while under the influence do not function well and are distractions to other serious, sober students. They are low performers and absenteeism is common. Identifying these students will benefit everyone.

Since K9 Detective is not affiliated with law enforcement, any findings will remain confidential. The school administration will be left with their discretion as to how to handle the incident and dispose of the drugs.

How to Begin

  1. We set up a meeting to determine the specific needs of the school and most cost effective procedures.
  2. We encourage schools to introduce our drug search service at an assembly of all students and faculty. There we can demonstrate the procedure and effectiveness to help educate everyone of the virtually flawless search capability of our well-trained sniffer dogs.
  3. Schools should advise parents about our K9 Detective Drug Dog Search program.

Have additional questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us for more information on bringing our K9 team to your school.